Abu Dhabi authentic K-food restaurant

In the UAE Asian food become so popular because people came from Asian countries for work, to work in the United Arabs Emirates, and for sure Korean food here is one of the biggest competitors with Chinese food, and Japanese food restaurant's in the UAE.


Personally, I've been to the Japanese cuisine before and the Japanese food good to have it, so luscious to me they serve very good menu in the UAE as a Japanese culture food, same as the Japanese the Korean food restaurant in the UAE also serve the Korean traditional food and the Korean street food, in separated places in the UAE Dubai and Abu Dhabi, so the places that I've been to in the Capital City of the UAE was called Taon Korean Restaurant for the Korean cuisine the luxuries and luscious K-Food cuisine in the UAE as the report that I've read says. refer to here to check it up: shorturl.at/bkmR6


As I've been to Taon Korean restaurant I will share with you how my experience with the food there, all starts with food that I like and had it there it was so soft and tasty the cook mad it perfectly inside it cooked very well and outside so crunchy and the thing that I like about Korean when they make the food they always adding the garlic to the food so the garlic is the base of the Korean food whether it is raw garlic or garlic sauce even the Korean side dishes it called kimchi they make it from the vegetables such as Cabbage and Radish and Green leavers cucumber and green onion and they do have a pickle and this kimchi is definitely different of the pickle you have to try it it is good the reason why I mentioned this because with the Korean chicken on the menu there are several side dishes that the Korean serve it with, with the chicken the side dish called (깍두기- ggagdugi or kkagdoogi) this is a Romanization of the name in Korean.

The following side dishes go well with Korean fried chicken.
You need to make sure your salad lives up to the high standards Korean fried chicken is known for. The vivid and revitalizing flavors of a spicy cucumber salad will help the chicken feel a little lighter. On the other hand, because the chicken is so soft, the crispiness of the salad will be a good fit. For years, rice has been a fantastic side dish for dishes with meat.
Now, since you're eating Korean food in this instance, your fried rice should adhere to the same guidelines.
Therefore, in my view, you should order Korean chicken when you see it on the menu. You've probably had Korean fried chicken before.

You may have previously received this pickled radish, known as chicken-mu, at a restaurant. When served with incredibly crispy Korean fried or roasted chicken, tiny cool radish cubes pickled in a sweet, tart, and barely salty brine are highly reviving. The dish is so basic and straightforward, which is one reason I haven't made a movie on it yet. But because I've been asked about it so frequently, I made a video for my wonderful readers. I remember one time in Toronto, and another time in Los Angeles, people recognized me and right after saying hello, they asked for this recipe.